It's to Late

November 30, 2007
By Camry Scott, Gloucester, VA

It's too late
you ran after her

I thought it was fate
Not me
How could i have been so stupid to think you were my soul mate
I thought i was the one who has the heart of your key

cupid hit me early
to him i couldn't see
see i forgot about everything worldly
but i guess now i am paying the fee...for living in a fantasy

the fee of love that is
see this is the lesson i will learn
I can't believe i thought i was gonna be is mrs.
But i guess you find out the real deal when he quickly turns

so young ladies don't get caught up
in this twisted game of love
because he will never fill your cup
so keep praying to the one above

And he will bring you the the true one you love
he will be as pure as a dove
he'll never make you cry
he will alwayz be the one you want to draw nigh.


reality just set in..............need i say more

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