Broke In Pieces

November 30, 2007
By Collin Schneide, Midlothian, VA

Stop thinking that you can help
Trying only makes it worse
To be who you are is all you can do
Help yourself, leave me in peace
When will you learn?
You broke me apart
Were no longer in love
The opposite
One sign was all I needed
Who says love is blind
Broke my ambitions
Me, myself, and I will stay forlorn
In a river of tears I fall
Pieces of me come crashing down
You were my world
Will you ever see?
Never did you understand,
Understand the terrible thing you did,
My world will never be the same
Hopes, lost.
Dreams shattered.
And no where left to go,
Perfections imperfect,
Because of you.
You took my dying soul
Don't deny it.
Know what I once had,
Love, because you will never know.

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