Life is for the Living

November 30, 2007
Life… it’s like a rollercoaster ride
Swinging you in every direction.

Sure, life can have its sad times…
Times when you will feel miserable,
when you feel like everything is going wrong.

Yet life can have amazing moments
you will remember forever.
…moments that will change you eternally.

People tend to get caught up in the bad things in life…
so they never have time left to enjoy all the other
amazing things that life also has to offer.

So look forward; into your future…and move on.
Forget the past and all of those sad times…
…you can’t erase things
that happened already.

And most of all, believe in your dreams,
work hard to make them all possible.
And before you know it, your
dreams can easily become your reality.

Yes, life is filled with laughter and tears,
along with smiles and frowns...

...But don’t let anything stop you…take chances
and live everyday like there’s no tomorrow.

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