For a Moment--A Letter Unsent

November 30, 2007
You never see it, but i do cry. I cry in the morning, in the night, and all alone. And they aren't just tears, they are living pieces of my own being. Falling, a part of me is lost, yet, I am one for a moment. Do you know why I'm crying? I am crying out to you, cry out to you with unspoken words because I am alone, alone surrounded by nothing but such utter darkness. It is in here though that I express my true feelings. Let my soul flow all around me coursing through my every action and thought, waves of immense ferocity soaring me through, and plummeting. All in silence. I am alone, alone in my own world with only my minds insight and my hearts resevoir of understand and love. Take a good look around you, the of effortless words on my walls. You hear what they say but do not understand what you know. Take another look. Can you not feel the thousands of empty voices calling for you? They are me; they are my hopes, my dreams, sorrows and fears. You will never hear them, no, because you are to self-indulged in your own life that you will never care about mine. Such choices you make have unspoken marks on those you care about, and push away all who care about you. For I am still a child, just a child. And of silence in strength I cannot just describe, I try to express just how much I need you. It is through the screams that fill this void of emptyness of which I attempt to open up your heart. Yet, in all I have failed. Know that it is you who chooses to ignore what you don't understand. So for you I cry, my heart cries, and with the silent resonance of everylittle thing in my world, a tear hits the ground. Because they aren't just tears, they are my life, my world, and my heart. Falling, they play out a melodious sound with the resonance of my life, and I am one for a moment. Just a moment...

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