To Lose A Memory

October 19, 2010
By DaniT GOLD, Mallard, Iowa
DaniT GOLD, Mallard, Iowa
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Stuggle with a smile- Do whatever you have to do, but never let them see you cry.

Speeding down the highway
Trying to escape the thoughts of you
No matter how fast she goes
It's your memory she can't seem to lose

To stuborn to slow down
No matter how sharp the turn
The tears poor down her cheek
Causing her eyes to burn

The car starts to spin round and round
She still can't find anything to fear
After all what is there to be afraid of?
She's already lost what she holds dear

Her foot still on the gas
The tires drive on nothing but the air
She's hanging upside down
But still can't find the strangth to care

The white SUV doesn't see her
Speeding around the corner just as fast
She can tell this is the end
Her short life will end with a car crash

She wasn't scared
She wanted it to end
But then she thought of your face
A friendship that will never mend

She screams out your name
But no one was around to hear
That loosing you forever was
Her deepest and darkest fear

You pushed her away so much
Letting your pride make up your mind
In no rush to forgive and forget
Figuring you had more than enough time

She loved you with all her might
Needed you to survive
She'll never be able to tell you the truth
Now that she's no longer alive

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