My Motivational Peace

November 30, 2007
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I'm on a quest for spirituality
that doesn't mean religion
I'm trying to find the God in me and make the right decisions
if I quiet myself, I mean shut up and really listen
I'm sure I'll hear His words to me in crystal clear precision and if I'm really focused maybe I'll figure how to go about my mission, in life,
how to let the things go that I can't make right
the things I can't change like turning darkness to light
and learn that sometimes I can't compromise,
I've just got to FIGHT
to explode from obscurity with all of my might
and I don't want guidance from those who are just as blind as me, but claim to have visions of my life should be, if their range of wisdom is so much more vast than mine, then they'd understand that nothing in the Master's plan is a waste of time.
Everything I do leads to something that will be,
a stepping stone or a door opening for me.
I don't have all the answers and in the scheme of things
I'm only a young woman who thrives on intense simplicity, but EVERY single moment that I live and breathe holds another premonition of the things I could achieve.
People say I'm just a dreamer, asking what did dreaming ever bring? And yes, its true I am a dreamer, but so was Martin Luther King,
J dot R, for some the sky is the limit, but I'll be going past the stars,
if women are from Venus and men are from Mars then illegal alien is exactly what we all are,
but I'm not going to speak on that , at least not today,
when I got a million other things I need to say.
Yes, I have a lot of things I need to get off my chest
and while I'm no Maya Angelou (yet)
I'm gonna do my best.
Said I'm gonna do best because that's all that I can give,
dying to be perfect is not the way to live.
Perfection is not reality, such a thing doesn't exist, at least not in humanity, I have discovered this; the definition of perfection is only in my eyes, I could tell the WORLD I'm perfect, but they'd say I'm telling lies, what's true for me may not be for someone else, so instead I'll tell the world I'm perfect... to myself.
Many may argue my philosophy and say I've lost my mind, to them I'll say simply, I'm not the caring kind.
Think what you will of me, I expect no less, but when the time comes you WILL give me my respect!

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