November 29, 2007
A blade as smooth as
deep velvet, shining with
blood laced
carves her smile, her lips
painted with the slick ink
of an aged liquid craving, lapping
the edges of a lucid window
forever enclosing the liquid ocean of
blooming conflict, the ripples numbing
soundless whispers.

The cup stem, of fire and sand
glows and twinkles against
thrumming candle light
its waxen tears sliding down
frozen in the midst of the burning

The growing heat crawls under her
stretched skin, and it
engulfs itself, a nest of
pumping heartbeats.
Embers pierce fingertips
twitching, lighting jolts
coursing her veins
Her breath a torrid breeze
sweeping the vast hollowness
behind her locked door
the wood splintered from the
incessant knocking
of those unwanted.

But she smiles,
vulnerable bone vivid
among the clones around.

And she raises her glass
of two elements intertwined
like lovers clasped in the warmth of a kiss

A circle of different oceans clink together, and
for the moment, with their souls put safely away,
they all enjoy their masquerade.

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