4 My sister Norma

November 29, 2007
i wish you weren't so confused
and blaming yourself
for mom and dad walking out like they did.

it's not your fault for them leaving
so PLEASE STOP tearing yourself apart
like you are right now

my eyes they are bloodshot red
right now from crying for you and marrion and antone.

it's our parent's fault sis
not yours in any shape or form so keep that in mind

I too wish that they didn't make their mistakes that they made because we would be together now if they hadn't

i too cant stop these tears from flowing
from my eys like a river

flowing because knowing that your hurting inside
and people are being stupid and aren't hearing
your cry for help and im the only one to hear your cry.

and i'm here for you
to hear your cry for help
an dto help you norma

im scared for you and i am also worried for you

i wish that were weren't in this big confusing
situation to begin with because
it's hurting all of us in a big way

and she says that she know how much pain that we are feeling
but in all reality she has NO idea how much we are suffering

but i do know how much we are suffering and how much you are hurting norma and i wish i could take away all of the pain
and sorrow
i wish i could just earse all the pain for you norma


i do hear for your cry for help
i am here for you forever sister norma
as well as cassie marrion and antone.

i will always be there i have been there for you
for you since you were a baby
even though there was a break because of them

i disapeared not by choice
i did not know where you were but i found you again
im glad that i found you marrion and antone again
i was going crazy not know where you 3 were
i love you all to death

Love you big sis coreena ann aka corey

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