November 29, 2007
We are as young as we are ever going to be
But we eat it like pie
And swallow with massacre and deceit.
We can’t climb trees because we cut them
Down down.
I haven’t screamed in a long time. I miss my adventure.
Instead, I seeped into a plethora of quietness,
Painfully painless inactivity.
We spit out innocence like broken teeth.
Just the same.
Rows aren’t rows, just tiny slithering bones,
Tiny specks praying my name.
But I save no one,
Since there are too many dirty tricks in this dirty trick world.
My mind is devoid of betrayal.
Destruction no longer calls my name.
Teenage angst doesn’t tug at my heartstrings.
I don’t know what I’m following and what’s following me.
Everyday, I write masterpieces.
Nothing else calls my name.
I know nothing of this life
This death
This music
That eats, breathes me to life.
I know nothing like salt and pepper, red and white, cat and dog
Opposites that keep my brain revitalized.
I know nothing like the pretty days,
That meld together like pretty rainbows
And squawk like phoenixes
Soaring above in pattered arrays.
I am waking from
Centuries of darkness
Never quieting enough
To fall asleep again.
But oh I dream, oh I desire
To dream and pounce like tigers and pandas
Upon the worlds thoughts that haven’t been dreamed
Ideas that haven’t been tapped, unseen fires that when
Read or seen or heard or spoken
Will cause a triangular rainbow prism of unbearable exquisiteness
That will make your soul gasp.

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