October 20, 2010
By , glendive, MT
FATHER told me.....when i was young..
he sat beside me..
said "my lonely one"..
"listen closely to what i say"..
"if you do this,what i say..
it could help you,some sunny day...
he said "troubles will come..some will pass"..
"but take your time..dont live to fast"..
"what you need is in your soul"..
"have faith for what needs to come"
"you can do this..only if you try"
"all i need for you..is to be satisfied"..
FATHER told me....when i was old..
he held my hand..begging for a chance..
he says"oh dont worry"..
"you'll find yourself"..
"follow your heart...and nothing else"...
"you can do this..you gotta try"
:all i need for you..is to have this life"...
i told FATHER..a tear hit my eye..
i began to cry"im sorry for what ive done"
"for not only to the people i hurt...but to myself"..
"i dont want to have to fall to pain...or runn and runn"..
"i want to be myself...and live as one"...
"i want to have that strength"..
"that courage&faith"...
"i want to become someone"
"a person i can believe in"...
FATHER tells me now..i kneel down and take a bow..
"my child"he says..
"i cherish you till once your death"..
"close your eyes and believe for what comes next"
"not for whats already there but for what you want to become"
"lifes to short to llive for the best..and lifes to long to live for the worst"..
"so live for what strength and courage you have to live for"...

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