We Take the Corners Much Too Fast

November 29, 2007
By Ruth Fatzinger, Lawton, MI

We take the corners much too fast,
and even though we're lost,
We know we'll find our way back.

Distant flashers burn red,
But we keep our speed,
All while changing lanes.

Welcoming green exit signs
Signal a false sense of home.

But, we know we must drive past.
I keep my foot steady,
And I'll try my hardest never to look back
(After all, this car only moves forward).

The wind blows across my car,
Whispering things I cannot hear.
Maybe when I reach the pace
I don't know how to find,
Maybe then all the whispers and
Shadows made bu the passing street lamps
Will make sense.

Maybe then the sky will smile and
I'll stop the car, finally reaching
The place I can't find

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