Rhythm of the writer.

November 29, 2007
The beat of my heart, the rhythm of truth,
The sounds of faith, explore hope, search and uproot.
The flow of followers, the song of love;
Follow the path of the wanderer, sight the gifts from above.
Feel the power of charity; see the sight of glory,
Write the words of wisdom. Make the story.
The story of the wise, the words that ring of fantasy,
Where will it take us? What journey will we begin? Let's see.
The eye's of the writer, the words of the story teller,
The ears of the listener, the movements of the character;
The soul of an artist, heart of the fantasist,
The rhythm of the writer, not one word dismissed.
The gathering of characters, the flow of words,
To hit the right tune, to get the right chord;
The rhythm of the writer, the sound of the story,
The beat of fantasy, the tune of its glory,
The rising of an artist, the nature of it's design;
The rhythm of the writer, that might be yours, and can be mine.

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