Media Cliche

November 29, 2007
Wars and bombs,
famine and drugs
abortion, gang fights
terrorist and thugs
All trivial in comparison to
The issue that is of concern to far too few:
Global warming, climate change,
the 21st century’s bubonic plague.

Rising sea levels,
and Melting polar caps.
Severe hurricanes
and the ozone relapse.
We take only half-hearted listens
tired of hearing this on the radio stations.

Global warming, climate change,
are now reduced to media clichés.

Why is this issue being ignored?
Because Texan billionaires
with oil reservoirs
try to belittle the impending doom.
Global warming, climate change,
A non-issue because of their range
to see only the profits at hand
and not the damage, or reprimand.

Lets forget oil profits
and Posh SUVs.
But instead buy the energy saving
fridges and TVs.
It may be just a little bit warm now
But without our intervention,
Temperatures will rise without suspension.
Global warming, climate change,
These issues aren’t that strange.

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