October 17, 2010
By , Fairfeild, CA
I’m a dreamer....

a wisher.....

A lover...

I hate

I lie

I cheat

Sometimes I wish for people to die

Sometimes i wish for hurt

I love to dance

I love to sing.......

when i dream i dream of you,

when i wish i wish to see you,

when i love i love your eyes,

when i hate i hate when you leave,

when i lie i lie about not hurting when your gone,

when i cheat i cheat so that you win,

when i wish for death, i wish for the other girls to die,

When i wish for hurt, i wish to hurt so i know i feel

when i dance, i dance with you,

when i sing, i sing for you,

but when i look at you, i know it's true,

I'm in love with you

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