I Get Told All the Time That it's Complicated

November 29, 2007
I get told all the time that it's complicated,
but never the truth I want to hear.
Then they'll say don't get disappointed,
but still I have that deep down fear.

I want them to tell me the truth,
without a hidden lie.
They need to stop making up excuses,
because they're not getting by.

I'm tired of all these secrets,
that I don't get to know.
I'm tired of being treated like a kid,
I turned a teen a long time ago.

But all the whispers still occur,
they're actng like I'm four.
They'll tell me some small details,
then I get shooed out the door.

I over hear some things,
it makes me want to cry.
I guess that's why it's complicated,
it's their way of caring through a lie.

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