As I Sit Here

November 29, 2007
By Mercedes Brown, Lauderdale Lakes, FL

As I sit here with nothing to do, but just think of you and admire your gorgeous features your sweet smelling skin, and soft tender loving smile which drives me wild. Every time I see you face it’s as if there’s an earthquake of emotions traveling though out my body as will as my soul, that’s hard to obtain. You’re the blame, you’re the blame for my mind going insane, you’re the reason for all the stupid things I do to try and impress you, to try to get you to notice me as more then a friend that you so bad just want to be. But my heart just doesn’t want me to see, or to believe what’s best for you and me, which is to stay friends. So now it’s time to come to reality, it’s time to take a grasp at what’s sitting here right in front of my face and that is the truth that there will never be a YOU & me. I thank you because now I am no longer blinded by what I feel or what I desire which is you. So thanks you’re a “great friend”. And it’s best that we keep it that way starting today.

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bmw2008 said...
on Aug. 13 2008 at 2:32 am
I loved your poem it was great i wish it was in the magazine it really desevered to be.i hope that you write and send in more i love your style.


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