The Best Part Is The Lie

November 29, 2007
By Courtney Sanders, Elm City, NC

You're so special
so amazing.
I can't believe it
I have a blessing.
Every word you say
puts me on my knees
crying tears of joy
its just so hard to believe.
I don't deserve you
I never did.
I love you so much
so where do I begin?
How could I tell you
about all of my lies
How could I explain to you
about my hidden disguise?
I gave you a part of me
but I secretly took it back.
I kept the blue/red heart you gave
while mine secretly faded to black.
You never really knew...
you continue to think
that I'm so perfect...
I can feel you in my sleep.
I feel so distressed
You have this image
you have me all backwards
you have me candy-coated.
I wasn't true to you
I can't call you baby.
I can't say 'I love you'
and I can't expect you to save me.
I should just leave
slip out the back.
I'm so selfish,
how could I make it last?!
I'm so lost
and honey, I'm drowning...
can we pull a Jack and Rose...
can you let me go, slowly fading...?

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