It's a Packed House

November 29, 2007
It’s a packed house,
And all focus on One
Who is focused on the moment
And nothing else.
The catch, the elevation, the release,
It’s a final shot, a final drive,
a final chance.
To bring hope and belief
To those who were filled with doubt.
To go from dead silence
Into deafening cheers.
As preparation pays off,
Success fills the stadium.

A game ended,
But a career began,
New opportunities were revealed,
Along with endless possibilities.
The shot was a first
With many more to follow.
The birth of a legend,
Who has risen through diversity,
And will rise to an untouched level,
A level no one has ever seen,
A new generation.
All from one simple shot.

It will happen again,
Another packed house,
Another shot,
Another legend will be born,
And will seize the moment.
Eventually it will be repeated,
But this one will never be forgotten.

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