Gramatically Incorrect

November 29, 2007
By Elizabeth Nehlich, Aberdeen, SD

You say that this is all a daydream;
Moving fast I try to scream, and
without you my heart can't beat, and
without you my lungs can't breathe, so
without you I'll take the lead and make a life that can't be seen.
These masks dig deep - I cannot breathe - this face I wear is all I see.
So, I'll cut holes to make my way out of the lie that's been portrayed,
but through all this the only thing i can cut through is weakening my heavy heart that beats for you,
my cancerous lungs that breathe your name.
I won't lead without your hand,
'Cause I can't move through sinking sand.
Dig your heels into the ground, and
clench your fists
'Cause now is now.
So, who will come with - one for all -
This humid damper won't last long.
I'll find another and you'll see,
this time he'll abandon me.

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