The Storm

November 28, 2007
The rain pounds on her window, the wind shakes the trees.
The gloomy outdoors begin to transform the hopeful indoors into a melancholy place.
Learning from what she sees, the young girl sheds a tear, and then another, and another.
Shes sways back and forth, holding herself tight, promising to never let go.
But as a tree snaps, her anger is released, and she screams in dispair.
Thoughts flood her mind, confusing her to the point where she can no longer handle it.
The absence of joy, the power of yearning, the pressure of emotion, everything.
It is all too much.
As the storm reaches its climax, she realizes that this is all too extreme.
How can a person feel so depressed, so alone, so helpless?
Leaves roughly fall off a tree nearby and are slammed to her window.
Her mind begins to play malicious tricks on her, as the clear rains turns to a deep red.
Her eyes too, turn to a deep red.
Vengeance gains control of her body, driving her mind insane.
The pain from the past begins to spread like wild-fire throughout her, as she glances down at her hands.
She stops, and as her face freezes she begins to wonder.
How could anyone possibly understand why all good things must come to an end?
But then she gets it.
All good things must come to an end, and we must experience pain to know we are still alive, and will make every moment worth it.
The next few days are amazing,
Everything's positive side strongly shines through.
But then there is misfortune, as another storm greets her.
The rain pounds on her door, the wind shakes her confidence.

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