November 28, 2007
One evil day
In the dreadful old school of mine
Came some group of evil men
Trying to steal my mind
They wanted to make me angry
Try to make me fight
Then came the insult upon my family
Which was of no other kind
My ego took over and tried to help
Me fight off all the guys
When someone touched
The shoulder of which
I wish was mine at the time
I elbowed her in the face
Made her nose bleed way worse than mine
I couldn’t fight after that
Because of the small crime
They hit me and hit me
And tried to make me fight
Then my best friend in that school
Hit me like none of the other guys
Asked why I wasn’t fighting
I pointed straight at her to show my crime
And that’s when he and my friends
Helped me and forgave me of my crime

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