The Ride Down

November 28, 2007
The wind whirling against my face,
Mixed with hard, icy snow
I closed my eyes shut,
While my body lean back,
But I still hung on.
I gripped tightly as I whooshed down
Almost there, just a little bit more
As I was speeding down, a crazy sensation hit me
The feeling of thrill, excitement, and exhilaration came upon me
I was going so fast; I had no control of where I was going,
Just knew that I was going all the way to the end.
I saw the end, I was almost there
But then my foot got stuck in the snow
And I twirled and lost my balance
I rolled down, and down, and down
Everything was blurry and distorted
Everything was hectic, frenetic, and chaotic
Then all was still
And I was at the end
I made it to the end.

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