Hurt </3

October 19, 2010
By Desee GOLD, Lenior City, Tennessee
Desee GOLD, Lenior City, Tennessee
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If the sky were to suddenly open up, there would be no law, there would be no rule. There would only be you and your memories. - donnie darko, 2001

mommies little excuse.
daddies little child suport bill.
no one importaint you say.
a man getting picked over her..
by her friends.. by her own mother..
no one but the one person that listens..
shes not here
no where near.
she got ripped away.
the girl cries and writes..
she sings of happy days so
she doesnt see the hurt
she refuses
nothing but booty call
no ones special someone.
invisible unless they want more
lies are told
stories of non sence.
15 year old
cant aproach to much.
highschool burnout
unknown dreamer
feeling sorry for herself.
judging herself.
she knows she pretty but the other voices are way to strong
to strong.
fat.. ugly.. w****.. alone..
how many times has she heard?
how many times has she tried?
no matter how much pain is there she still holds onto wat is damaged
remembers the wrong
cant see the right
so attitudnal.
so much anger..
everyone she loves leaves.
deserts her.
abandons her.

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