Love Abode

October 18, 2010
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My dearest love
I soon forget
The last moment I’ve spent yet

Pacing the room
In hopes that you’ll soon return to me
That one endless journey
Only three minutes since
But it’s as long as an eternity

Tried to keep myself occupied
But my mind oft’ goes beck to that dreary night
I bode you, my sweet, farewell.

I daydreamt you were in my arms
I arose with a pain in my heart,
A lump in my throat
For it’s been an hour since
I’ve last kissed thee

My sorrow some prayers have occupied my time
The two robes I’ve donned
Are weighing me down

As my thoughts travel to the negative
Your name, still warm on my tongue
Tingles in my chest
As I imagine your submergence
It’s only been 5 hours since
Time passes like a snail stuck in quick sand
I can’t bear the pain so I lay my head on your pillow.
Thinking time would much less sting

You came to me that night
By your lonesome
Dripping, as you let me know you weren’t here anymore
I gave you my heart and you gave me yours
And now we fly forever, together
Love Abode

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