Autumn Leaves

November 27, 2007
Autumn leaves crunched beneath my feet,
Their withered lives ground into dust.
The scarlets and auburns, so beautiful,
Now litter and linger in chaotic disgust.

The concrete was pale, and slightly cracked,
Paler then you’re amazing porcelain skin.
It acted somewhat as a memory keeper,
And always delivered me to where I had been.

The sky was washed of its color now,
The blues had faded to simple shades of grey.
Clouds seemed to feel the pain my heart,
For their tears fell into the sorrowful day.

The breeze that had once caressed me,
And slowly brushed away my stray locks of hair,
Now did nothing but chill me to the bone,
And froze the tears to my cheeks with no care

My hands are trembling uncontrollable now,
And it kind of makes this walk a waste,
For my lips are pale blue like my fingers,
No longer warm where we once interlaced.

All the beauty in my world is lost,
For you are only with me in stone,
Things I once thought amazing and beautiful,
Only make me feel even more alone.

You swore you would never leave me,
And I had believed you all along,
It brings a sickening to my stomach,
When I think of what I had done wrong.

I’m dumb for even thinking things,
Like my kisses could heal your pain,
For my warm embraces and laughter,
Where nothing for your body to gain.

The cancer spread so ruthlessly,
And touched you were I couldn’t see,
Slowly it caused you to fade into nothing,
And like the leaves, turn to dust at my feet.

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