Beautiful Danger

November 27, 2007
Once upon a time
Two boys thought they would be so brave
As to enter this cave

They felt the moist air kiss their faces
Splashed in the cool waters
And Let it lick their skin
Heard the echoes in their laughter
Felt the rhythm in their gentle breathe

One stumbled and one fell
Then came the sudden darkness like a spell
Lanterns gone just limestone to surround them
Only blind creatures that have found them

But being so naïve
The hopeful youths didn’t grieve
With ringing hands and desperate faces
Slipping against the wall with anxious paces
They tried to grasp the thin sharp columns
To squint through the midnight blackness
Their suborn eyes just would not see

But they could feel the fishes swimming
Feel their tails whipping slipping
The current of the water, gently gliding
Then they knew where safety was hiding

Forty-eighty hours, two whole days
Just an image of Sun’s rays
With the water at their knees
And the moisture on their cheeks
And they traveled on

And Finally
A sweet, slap of cool air
No more moist are
No more blackness suffocating
Just debating
Was it worth the scare?
The beautiful danger in there?

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