Free My Other Side

November 27, 2007
Not once, but twice,
My heart has been broken.
I pray that it won't become thrice,
As I leave words unspoken.

In the shadows, I stay,
Hidden, deep within my soul,
And lock my heart away,
Inside a deep, gaping hole.

My heart has been stabbed with a sword,
But no one tries to take away the pain.
Will anyone ever notice, Oh Lord?
Only the hope keeps me sane.

Does anyone see,
Past my mask of lies?
Will someone find the key,
And hear my silent cries?

Black flames slowly envelope me,
Both in body and mind.
My memories will not let me be,
And my path, I still cannot find.

My dream is one day,
Someone will come,
And pull this sword away,
So I won't feel so numb.

But that day has not yet arrived,
And yet I still hide.
For this long I have survived,
Still wishing for someone to free my other side.

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