November 27, 2007
By Raanee White, Kansas City, KS

*My journal is the book of me
*Not for prying eyes to see
*But you snatch away the hopes and dreams
*Tearing it's pages and ripping the seams

*Then you whip out a red pen and scribble away
*At the image of me and the accomplishments I've made
*'Till there's nothing left but an outline
*I'm like nothing now just lifeless and blind

*But I refuse to be your coloring book!
*I have set my own image just turn and look
*See the trophies on the shelf?
*See the image I've made of myself?

*Before I get back my common sense
*You try to recreate me with crayolas and pens
*Slashes of crimson splashes of blue
*The picture you color is so untrue

*Your image is yours let no one try
*To edit it with their deceits and lies
*You are you and that is that
*Let no one ever change that fact

*Leave me alone just let me be!
*Why try and mark me as something not me?
*Like kindergarteners drawing out of lines
*Scribble on your own pages I'll write on mine

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