November 27, 2007
By laura holman, Tularosa, NM

the age we all wait for
the age when we get to experience life
the age when our parents cannot tell

us what to do with the rest of

our lives
the age when you can decide what

is right for you
the age when your not a scared little

child wandering around
the age when you think you know

the age when you can do anything

you damn well please
but here are a few things you may

not think of
how do you support your self

with no ground under

your feet
how do you get to a good

place with no support

how can you know everything

when your life is just

how can you not be scared

when your entering a

world unknown
how can you experience life

without living it first
how can your parents no longer

have any control over you

when your still too young to

know what to do with the

rest of your life
think and contemplate what I say
think about how much you think you know
think about how much you have to learn
think about how to get on your

own two feet
think with you head not your heart
think responsibly not with you

gut instinct
think about what your going to

do before you do it
the age when you realize

you’re the only one

that can tell you how to

live your life.

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