Words can kill a soul…

October 18, 2010
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It was March 15th, and the day was coming soon
She would be a freshman starting high school
She didn’t have many friends and she kept to herself
She never asked for anyone’s advice or help

People laugh and make fun of her barely having money
She over hears people say, she dresses funny.
At lunch she sits alone each and every week
As fresh salty tears stain her pale cheeks
She craves her father’s love, and her mother just refuses
Her teachers question her about her marks and bruises
She ignores the cruel comments, but silently cries inside
Just when she saw hope, the world shattered her pride
Kids embed in her brain that no one cares
They’ll do mean things like slap her, and pour milk in her hair
Instead of embracing her, they’ll be as mean as they can
But that’s okay now because she has a plan
So she carries on in the halls listening to words of hate
Telling herself, “Just wait, just wait.”
March 31st, she ended all the pain and strife
For this was the day she ended her life
Life was no longer a curse to her four leaf clover
With one smooth shot, it was all over
There lay a girl whom no one knew
All she needed was love and someone to talk to
She had no one to confide in, no one to believe in her
The fact that she was tortured didn’t make her life any easier
Her last request was that God have mercy on all their souls, and she left the world with that
She knew all the pain they put her through, one day it will all come back
It wasn’t just one individual that hurt her; it was everyone as a whole
Sticks and stones may break bones but words can kill a soul.

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