October 18, 2010
By poeticjustice12 BRONZE, Sandy Springs, Georgia
poeticjustice12 BRONZE, Sandy Springs, Georgia
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"I'll hold my head up high, and try not to cry because I know, when I let go, thats when I'll begin to grow."

Its moments like this when I think of you
these are the days I'll always miss
But I've had some time to think and
I’m sorry it had to come to this
I’m sorry for giving you too much power
I should have known it was too much
I apologize for every tempting kiss I gave
and for every touch
You know I want the best for you, I
say it every day
But if your happiness isn't with me
then I'll quietly walk away
I'll listen more to the truth and
not cover my pain with denial
Even when I’m dying inside, for
you I'll force a smile ^__^
I promise I'll try to laugh more
and not cry
And when you say it’s not me
I won’t ask why
Whenever I’m out and I run into you
I won’t stand and act as if I don’t know what to do
Instead I'll go on...Living on the memory of you
loving me
And run my hand over the place on my heart
where you'll always be
I guess I always felt a connection
but these days we're drifting apart
I pray you find someone to love,
I pray for a brand new start
You are truly the most amazing, wonderful
and special kind of guy...But....
These are my final words to you,
I LOVE YOU and Goodbye..........

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(Written 03-16-2010 @ 8:47am)

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