November 27, 2007
By Brooke Churchill, Muskgeon, MI

My reflection is dismal,
Makeup streaked like a clown.
Tears prick behind my eyes,
Mouth raw and dry.
Patiently waiting
For the next release,
My body is exhausted.
Surrealism takes a clean sweep of my
S a n i t y
Yet, there you stand,
Your sapphire eyes and quirky smile
Begging for another chance.
You embrace an exuberant bouquet,
Red roses, love,
Yellow lilies, laughter,
Green ferns, life,
Blue forget-me-nots,
U n f o r g e t t a b l e.
Your eyes glisten with dew,
Miming, “I’m Sorry.”
My throat clenches,
Heat flushes my face,
And you’ve painted a smile
Words could never replace.

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