November 27, 2007
Her heart is racing faster than a speeding car
Tears are f

Off her face like bullets
He demands she stop crying
The girl is as petrified as stone
The reality of death becomes evident
His hands grip her face in a tight hold
Forcefully shoving his fingers into her milky white flesh
The man yells again
Her heart begins to race faster
She has the lost the ability to catch her breath
This man is hurting her, and doesn’t care
He shoves her and she falls like a wounded bird from the silky blue sky
Tears come harder, faster, more hysterically than before
Numbness creeps into her body like a snake through grass
She finally flees from his tight grasp
The small woman ran with everything she had left…
A neighbor opened the door to the hollering girl
Only to find bruises from the hand that could’ve
K i l l e d this tiny person
A simple opening of a door saved a little girls life

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