If I Walked to You Today

November 27, 2007
By Kelsely VanderMeer, Grand Rapids, MI

If I walked to you today would you take me?
Would you keep me as yours
N’ always keep me safe
Would you hold me when I hurt
Would you dance when I dance
Would you be there forever and always
If I jumped, would you jump with me?
Would shelter my heart
N’ always follow me
Would you kiss me when I ‘m in need
Would you call to me n’ bring me home
Would you help me if I told you my soul
I told you always and forever
I asked you to run
You ran and I tried to keep up
You ran to a new life, a new girl
My legs keep moving always getting closer
If I caught up would you allow me to rest
Would you stop
N’ return to my life
Would you let her go
Would you remember me
Would you let me lean on you
Would you always be there

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