When I Wake Up

November 26, 2007
By Cristina Rosales, Ontario, CA

When I arise to greet my first day
Back from the outskirts of solid grey,
The inner spirals of my mind
Housing every flaw of man-kind,
That will be the opening day,
When one course shifts, at last, my way.

The end of a turmoiled slumber,
The finale of depression’s cumber,
Then- once I have awoken
I can cease being emotionally unspoken.
Though the day when my sleep ends
Will be the day reality bends.

When every sunrise breaks
And a dilapidated dreamt dream cakes,
I loose sight of the simple thread
That dangles, upholding my singular hope reread,
That every occurrence in my life recorded on ream,
Is a continuous, sand darkened dream.

Every strike, disappointment, and column of tears
Are just a bitter series of REM jeers,
Electric current trickery and mayhem
Building me up for my true life to begin,
Because when I wake up from this sixteen year reverie
I can repeat swallowed heartache as a wisdom filled simile.

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