i want to be like you

October 15, 2010
By , clearlake, CA
i want to be perfact
i want to be what you dont let me see
i dont want to be what i do see
i dont want to be me

my reflection scears me
the rage i feel of walking by a mirror
the fear
the fear that never leaves me
the temptation that surrounds my every turn
the pain inside of my soul hurts
as the missery burns

i feel weaker each and every day
but its only a littel price i must pay
i dont want to live this way
but theres nothing i could say
its not the choice but a chance to pray
to pray for a nother day

i want to be pretty
but i dont want your pitty
i just want to look like an angle
but inside i know i can never look like you
so tell im to weak to stand ill never be through

i want to be as light as air
but i dont want to float away
i want to stay
but i dont want to be this way

not now
not never
not as long as i beleave in forever

i want to be you
i want my old sickness to be through
i want to do what i could do
i want to be just like you <3

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