November 26, 2007
Maybe I fell for your smile, when you looked at me.
Hang’n with yo boys fresh fade, hot jeans, and a fresh white T.
Walk’n up to me and ask’n me my name.
Yah I have to admit you spit that game.

Maybe I like it when you told me how good I looked.
Or when we talked on the phone.
I caked to you, you caked to me.
To you it was a regular thing.
You said the same thing to all the girls you met.
Maybe I was just too blind to really see.

Maybe I liked you because I thought you were it.
Or wait maybe it was when you told yo boys that you could probably hit.
But the way you looked at me I could hardly resist.
When I think about it, it was probably that kiss.

Maybe I thought you really liked me.
I just wanted you to care.
It wasn’t like I was ask’n you to wife me, ice me, I just wanted you to like me for who I am.
Maybe you thought that I would come to yo house.
Watch some movies and lay on yo couch.
And maybe you thought you would get you some.
Like I was the prize and you knew you had won.

But I guess you didn’t know me because I’m not the one to go with the flow or hold my tongue.
Hold I ain’t done.

You really didn’t know me.
Because you never took the time to show me that you cared about my feelings.
If you would have known me, you would have known that I too smart for that.
To get close and be done.
Thh….. like I said I’m not gonna hold my tongue.

Maybe the reason you could never get to know me was because I didn’t want anyone to get close to me.
Because too many people hurt me, used me, and I was afraid that you would hurt me too.
Leave me with out a hint, a guess or even a clue.
Maybe you won’t take this personally.
It’s me not you.

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