The Problem is Me

November 26, 2007

Everyday everyday everyday
life goes on.
Everyday a bigger world is
placed on my shoulder.
I'm always having more
struggles by the minuite.
I feel like im am
in the middle of an addition problem.
Where the sum is the
number of my problems and all day.
It just sits there and be added into.
It feels like im trans
to this unknown valley
and some creul kid.
Just piles up all these problems
and put them around the obstacle course.
then he traps me in maze
then he sits and he watches
and when I solve one
of those problems he strikes
a couple of more in my path.

Part II

I want revenge
man i really hate
this kid man is a demon
I feel like im just being
bullied all day...
who is htis kid!!!
Someone send me a sign
then suddenly i got tap
on my back.
I turned around to find my mother
pointing at a person you'll
never think he's the reason of your problem
I tell you she was pointing at me.

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