The Life of a Samurai

November 26, 2007
By Paul Hayes, Fort Wayne, IN

The day starts with the sun barely awake
The ordinary man is woken by the order to train
He is humble and quick to get to the courtyard
Asking no questions as he does what is expected of him

The man is still ordinary until approached by unique materials
He reaches for the extension of his arm
Next grabs his second layer of skin to protect him in battle

Finally placing his second head on his body to transform himself, a samurai

He is now complete as if just being reunited with himself
Training is no issue for a samurai
He trains in the courtyard until he passes out
Then just lifting himself back up with no help at all

Surrounded by others just like himself
Does not prove to be annoying
He understands their behavior
To obey their lord

Being restful and obedient to their lord may prove difficult
But not for a samurai
He understands his role to his lord
Jumping off a mountain is not in issue, if necessary

He understands where his life lies
Nothing is hard to see for a samurai
He is exhausted but full of energy
The day is coming to in end

The sun has already rested and the moon is bright in the dark sky
This is were the samurai makes his toughest decision
He understands the problem and takes off his unique materials
Almost world changing his reunited self is lost all over again, an ordinary man

He is able to rest now but still lingering in his thoughts
He feels lost but realizing his duties in the process
He is slow now walking to his home
Waiting for tomorrow for his world to change again, a samurai

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