Sleep Forever

October 13, 2010
By , Wichita Falls, TX
I woke up this morning as i always do.
I havent remembered,Theres no more you

The bed,on your side, was cold and neat.
I wasnt not used to it yet,and i sprung to my feet.

I called your name, down the hall and the stairs.
I blocked it all out. It just wasnt fair.

I rushed blindly down the stairs, happily, to the front door.
I was snowing outside. I started searching the floor.

I found my boots,hat,jacket,and gloves.
And went out into the cold, to find my love.

I tripped and fell. There was ice on the ground.
The cold on my hands brought last night back around.

The memory hit me so hard in my chest.
I olnly remember some. I block out the rest.

Your hand in mine was cold like the ice.
As i watched the light go out in your eyes.

A drunk driver took you. I wasnt ready for you to go.
I wished to be the one to die, and asked God to make it so.

As i lay on the ground colder than ive ever been.
I prayed to never ever have to wake up again.

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