To Search for Atlantis

November 26, 2007
I am alone.
The waves of this sea are no friends of mine,
They devour me - their viscous fangs - ripping, tearing;
Coldly discarding my better parts in search of loyal fish.

Atlantis is far, I must endure.
Surface. A chance at peace.
To seek answers to questions I did not care to ask.

Back to the waves. They tighten their grip and loosen to
The beat of their hearts; the hearts and minds of livestock.
They have no mercy for those who swim upstream,
Stares of coldest malice, sneers of crulest judgement.

Atlantis still so far...

The surface cannot save you for long.
Must I consent my soul to the sea to survive?
To plead is meaningless, the waves are too many;
Their wrath too severe.

I fall to these waves, though they are no friends of mine.
I am alone.

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