As The Story Goes

October 13, 2010
You close your eyes only for a minute then you snap back to reality…
Only to see blue eyes turn to gray.
Everything is slowly fading away.
The person who you thought you hated sat there and waited.
He found out that his love only wanted to get rid of.
He has a hard life but no one knew except his kid and wife.
He lost his sister in a tragic way.
This led him astray.
From here it only went downhill.
He had lost his every will.
He had so many health issues making him very ill always drugged up on pills.
When a divorce was brought up it got him really down.
He started to drown.
Through all the fuss and all the fights all he gained was restless nights.
He lost interest in everything his job, his kid, getting out of bed, and even taking a shower.
His soul had been devoured.
He never spoke a word so his feelings were never heard.
It was clear that he wanted to die.
We had all tried to get him to the point where he didn’t have to say goodbye.
At first he had tried to overdose with pills but that didn’t make the kill.
So the next morning he had gone to get a gun to get the job done.
A little girl only fifteen had gone to find what she had rather kept unseen.
There in the yard lye her dad the pain of seeing him was terribly bad.
It just made her overly sad.
The thought in her head was why did I have to go through this?
So that I could see my love for him still exists?
She had gotten so stressed she became depressed.
Not much later thing kept getting better she wished the news would change the weather.
Everything had fallen apart nothing was together.
She got diagnosed with being bipolar she wondered if this illness would later control her.
Now she’s sixteen refuses to take pills and has learned to just deal with how she feels.
It feels so unreal but she’s slowly starting to heal.
My life has been so cruel but now I feel as if I rule.
Who needs pills or a knife now not me so now I will take a bow.
Kissing my old life goodbye giving my new one a try.
While I kiss the sky drying those tears I used to cry.

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