Four Years Old

October 8, 2010
Four Years Old

Journal, April 2000

It was a hot summer day,

I was 4 years old and I just started to swim.
It was a long day and I was scared of swimming.
So let me tell you, how I overcame my fear of
swimming. So there I was, Right there standing
and I was scared of the water. I stud there for
an hour until my dad came up to me and Said
“Son I Know You Could Do” He Smiled at me.
I was very happy when my dad said that to me.
I jumped in after my dad said that to me.
I felt like i was draining for five minuets.
Then my dad jump in and he started to
teach me how to swim. It was like I was
on my trampoline. The feeling of swimming
was so awesome. Then I started to swim in the
deep end, that was way different. I felt that I
was on my soft bed, that felt so good. Then
my dad started to show me how to swim
in the bottom of the water, he even through
the key in the water so I could get the key. It was so
fun. I will never forget that day


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