lif is fair

October 8, 2010
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“Life is not fair”! What a funny theory. And as for all of you who don’t know theories aren’t true. A theory is not true because if it was it would be a fact. And as soon as a theory gets known as a fact, it proves it never was a theory in the first place. “Life is not fair” is a theory. Life is fair it is people who aren’t fair. “That’s not fair he can do this but I can’t” that is not life, that is people. Life only has one rule, kill or be killed. But we humans don’t find it beneficial to us. So we created rules, laws, politics, and money. So we got what came with the package greed, lust gluttony, hate, death, and poverty. So basically what I am trying to say is we tried to create something that life didn’t want us to create a new life. We broke life’s one simple rule kill or be killed

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