The Tale of Lesbos

October 14, 2010
When he looks upon Lesbos, the Lord’s heart fills with woe and he cries.
For he knows that as for the woman Lesbos, only other women are pleasing to her eyes.
The Lord would not allow Satan to twist her mind anymore,
And so he crafted a man whom she would surely adore.
He made this man with more effort than any manmade work of art.
The Lord made him just for her so he would win her heart.
His name is one that is not shown,
But it is who he is that is well known.
One day in the garden she first met him.
At that very moment, her heart he started to win.
She heard of his glory and how it trumped Achilles’.
She could hardly believe it was him who she sees.
He was finely built, his body was stronger than steel.
And soon she would be overwhelmed by the love for her he feels.
Her eyes met his, and from there they were locked.
And behold, the detestable foundations of her idea of love were so destructively rocked!
She soon wed him, and it was done.
The Lord was proud of her, as well as his son.

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