October 14, 2010
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He wakes up,look of satisfaction on his face why? He has this same look on his face every morning when he wakes up and see's what the Lord has blessed him with. Then he looks beside him only the look of satisfaction disolves into a look of consern. Consern because his rib is gone not yet ready to be returned to him so he sits and waits. Waits for the day that his soul is complete and his heart is full, Her scent so succulant like the breath of God from above that created such perfection. He yearns for her touch which would render any man to question his sanity becuase a woman like her only exist in fantasy. So cold,cold and lonely he waits for her but until the day they never part for him to fully understand the full gift of God that is her he must submit and ready himself for whoever findeth a wife findeth a good thing but whoever findeth a soul mate findeth a blessed thing.

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