October 14, 2010
By Anonymous

I can’t explain what I feel,
I only know that it’s real.
It’s a drug, an anesthetic,
Electrified like we’re kinetic.
We go together, sharing the flow
Love like this forever grows
Finish a sentence before I speak
A kiss so gentle, knees are weak.
We fall down together staring through each other’s eyes
Not moving for hours, not wanting to sigh
A heart infected, no one can relate,
I know everyday, I found my soulmate.
A turn in time, a compass, a past,
These are the parts that make us last
I cant explain for eyes to see,
We only know we’re meant to be.
In the distance, a lion will roar,
Crying for affection, crying for more.
Profound as strength, is our love
I stole Gods angel from above!

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