only if you could hear my crys

October 14, 2010
By riversain DIAMOND, Clearlake, California
riversain DIAMOND, Clearlake, California
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in every life
theres a story
a tell
a song
but most are never told
or sang
the pain within the lines that is said
are the words we never spoke aloud
but only red
the pain is the memories
the thoughts
the screams
the crys
and the dreams
never herd
but the wispers in the wind tells us the emotions we could never hear
but to listen is what we never do
we thibk that its nothing
just the howling wind
but obly if you could hear
to only understand whats being said
only if you would listen
then i could stop crying befor i went to bed
only if what you could hear was what i said
only if i was real
but im only dead
you see me blood
you see my note
you read my pian
you see what i could never say
you see that i couldnt live among you one more day
you see that im gone
but though im steel with you
and that ive been alone for way to long
you see that theres more to my tears than just broken fears
you see what i could never say aloud
you see that i was never proud
you see that i could never go on
you see that im already gone <3

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