Take me back...

October 12, 2010
By Anonymous

Take me back to the golden days,
when everything was good.

Take me back to the joyful times
where only love could.

Take me back to my real happiness
where only laughter and smiles were shared.

Take me back to the caring people
who genuinely always cared.

Take me back to my days of playing house in a tent,
when saying "I love you" was actually meant.

Take me back to those intense summer nights,
when I was confident that I could reach great heights.

Take me back to when my family was so close,
when everything was better with one Tylenol dose.

Take me back to when I was care free,
where the worst possible pain was a scrape on the knee.

Take me back to when boys were just friends,
when a meaningful sorry was enough to make amends.

All these and more are times I wish I could have back
but I know better, naiveness is something I lack.

My hope and faith are what keep my going,
only with them can I can continue growing.

Only God knows what will occur,
until then, all I see is a blurr.

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