Explain Our Love

October 10, 2010
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I thought I could let you go but it's not that easy
You said you loved me. Why play me? Why tease me?
What was the point in you saying that phrase?
I imagined your kiss and it left me in a daze
How do you explain the love that everybody claims
The 1 people fight for, die for, but then end up ashamed
You should've said something when you knew the feeling was wrong
Instead of having a weak heart beat strong
We both know there's a thing called forgive and forget
I know I can do that but that I'll probably regret
Your attitude is forever changing make up your mind
Make it work? Or give up the love that's so hard to find
I just wanted to let you know I love you and I care
But please explain the "love" I thought we once shared

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